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Prismatic Painting Studio is an award-winning Cincinnati, Ohio, based studio offering training and products for decorative arts and faux painting.
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Best of Italy Artisan Adventure

Join Gary Lord, Melanie Royals & Alison Wooley for painting and sight seeing in Italy May 1-15, 2016. We have more information on our Classes page.

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Wood Graining

Cincinnati | Jan. 28-29 | 9am-5pm

Want to learn a time honored artistic skill that has proven to be sought after for centuries? Wood graining is a skill that never goes out of fashion, but instead stays in high demand. Why? Because it gives the consumer a wood finish that may not otherwise be attainable or is too expensive to do in real wood. This room below would have cost the client over $45,000 in real wood. Instead we did the work on drywall and inexpensive Poplar finger jointed molding for around $17,000 saving the client over $28,000 More info...

New Year FauxStore online sale with 20% off all silver label products January 1st-16

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ON SALE NOW: Our Badger Brush, and the Lambskin Staining Pad

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AquaCreme™ is a breakthrough in a clear creme glazing medium. AquaCreme™ offers truly unique features, allowing for not only longer working time, but offering better working characteristics as well. W... More info...

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