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Aztec Sun

The Decorative Painter - March/April 2004

Photo 5

Step 5
Repeat the glazing technique from Step 2. This time, if you want a more sheer glaze (which allows more of the foil to show), you can mist the surface with water before glazing and pat off the glaze by using a piece of cheesecloth or cotton sheeting. I used a balled-up piece of cheesecloth to pounce off my glaze in an even stippled finish. Let dry.

Photo 6

Step 6
Adhere the stencil over the raised stencil images and roll on a sheer coat of size with the roller.

Photo 8

Step 7
Remove the stencil and let the size tack up as before. Cut a piece of hologram foil to fit over the stencil area. Lightly crumple and uncrumple the foil, then press it into the size with the shiny side of the foil facing up. Remove the backing. Sometimes when the foil doesn't transfer on the first press, I replace it and press again so it will transfer in any negative areas. This also places different parts of the hologram foil inside the stencil for a beautiful effect. Complete the process until you're satisfied. No sealer is required.

Photo 8

Man In Moon
To complete the companion piece, follow the steps for the sun, substituting the following materials:

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