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Gary's top 15

3 Day Workshop | $795
Cincinnati | May 16-18, 2018 | 9am-5pm

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Top15-18-07TH Top15-18-08TH Top15-18-09TH

Top15-18-10TH Top15-18-11TH Top15-18-12TH

Top15-18-13TH Top15-18-14TH Top15-18-15TH

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This class will teach you Gary's Top 15 techniques that are popular in todays design market. No matter what your skill level is this class has something to offer to you. The class will focus on understanding many of the new products in todays decorative painting field like Galaxy Stone, Luna, Nu Villa, Shatter, and specialty tools. It will also focus on perfecting age old troweling techniques, embedded and raised designs, all the while being geared to high quality at a production pace. This class is a great value to help build your design and product knowledge to help enhance your market value.

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