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Gary Lord

About Prismatic Painting Studio

The need and desire to express ourselves through art forms have been around since the earliest cave paintings. The decorative arts have been prominent throughout periods of history. From the frescoed walls of Pompeii to the majestic Sistine Chapel to modern day wonders, mankind has sought to express himself artistically. We are all fortunate to live in a time where society once again values the decorative arts, recognizes it, promotes its continuation and is willing to nurture its students to better understand and learn creative means to express themselves. The decorative arts will continue to expand at a rapid pace as long as there is desire and passion for the field, a continuous creative element that constantly explores the unknown with new techniques and materials at a cost effective price.

Gary Lord is recognized as an international artist, teacher, author and television personality. From 2002-2006 Gary's work has won a total of seven National 1st Place Awards for Best Faux Finisher of the Year by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America and by the American Painting Contractor. He also was named to the top spot by American Painting Contractor for Who's Who in Decorative Painting in America. Gary has been teaching his award winning finishes for over 20 years to thousands of students nationally and internationally. He believes by operating his own decorative painting business, Gary Lord Wall Options and Associates Inc., he can better share the real "tricks of the trade" and practical business knowledge he has gained in over 32 years with the students Gary and Christopher Lowellin each class. Gary is best known for his classes to be fun and energetic but taught in a kind and sharing manner.

Gary has appeared hundreds of times as a demonstrator for decorative painting techniques on HGTV's Decorating With Style, The Carol Duvall Show, D.I.Y., the P.B.S. show Paint! Paint! Paint!, The Discovery Channel's Christopher Lowell Show, and Home Matters. He can also be seen on the regional cable programs Around The House, and Home Works.

Gary with Cindy Picolli

Gary is also a respected author with three best selling books It's Faux Easy, Great Paint Finishes For A Gorgeous Home and Marvelous Murals You Can Paint. These books have spawned a series of videos on murals and decorative painting techniques he has made with Dave Schmidt. He currently is working on his fourth book, Muraling Elements, due out in the spring of 2008. Gary also writes numerous articles on decorative painting for The Decorative Artist Workbook, The Artist Magazine, The Faux Finisher, Artistic Stenciler, The Decorative Painter, Profiles In Faux, P.W.C., Paint Pro, American Painting Contractor, and Architectural Living, among others.

What Others are Saying...

Dear Prismatic Painting Studio,
I would like to thank you for the warm welcome we received into your studio for the Faux Extravaganza. My husband and I had a great time learning and seeing new things. We really appreciated all your thoughtfulness and kind hospitality. (Those were the best brownies ever!) Also, Gary, thank you for sharing your great talent and knowledge with us! This was our first Faux Extravaganza and we look forward to seeing all of you again next time!--Melissa Rykaczewski

I loved every minute spent at your open house today. I won a qt. of AquaStone, signed up for Jeannine's class, bought more stencils from Donna, bought the two gallons of Soft tex from the sale table, bought an apron, loved the florescents and invisible paints, got re-educated on the metallic paints, met up w/Dave and Pam, made some new friends, talked alot, listened even more and ate. What could be better than that? Thank you, Bon

"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I just love your book Great Paint Finishes for a Gorgeous Home. I've used your tissue paper technique in my dining room with a dark taupe base and off-white glaze. I love it and so does everyone else. Next, I'll be trying your technique for lightening dark woods. Gary, thank you for your excellent ideas that give beautiful results and allow us to feel like there just may be a bit of an artist lurking deep inside each of us. Keep up the great work!" -P. Creek

"I saw you this morning on television with Cindy Piccoli and have ordered your book. I was so impressed with your presentation and your explanation of how glaze works. No one else I have ever seen on TV has taken the time to tell the viewer just exactly what happens when it is used, and why you use it. Many thanks." -J. Freeze

Painting class members

"Gary - wanted you to know that due to your expertise and finesse at teaching faux finishing techniques, I am now a decorative/faux painter. You were my inspiration and I am now using all of your products to enhance my own home. I am an avid admirer!" -B. LaVack

"Your book Marvelous Murals you can Paint is a treasure. The galleries are inspiring. I've created a castle keep, coral reef, and gardens in our home. I purchased it to guide me through a garden mural and I fell in love with one of your projects." -B. Morency

"I bought your video Marvelous Murals you can Paint Part 1 and just wanted to let you know how much I learned from it. The techniques have helped me a ton!" -H. Short

"Just wanted to thank you for the great techniques you taught in Baltimore this year. My boards from your class looked great, but I was scared to death a client might ask me to do one of the techniques. Well it happened, one of my clients fell in love with "Penny Lane". I was so nervous to try it (your class was the first time I tried a troweled on finish), but I just jumped in head first. I'm happy to say it turned out gorgeous, my client loved it and it was so easy! It was a great money maker, can't wait to try the rest of the techniques you taught." -Terri Barney