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Our Classes

We're offering the following faux and decorative painting classes and workshops for 2017. All classes will be conducted at our studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, unless otherwise indicated.

Class NameLengthCost
February 2017
3Classic Elegance1 Day$199
6-10Designer Walls5 Days$1195
March 2017
13-17Designer Walls5 Days$1195
10Restoration Hardware1 Day$199
31Modern Neutrals1 Day$199
April 2017
1Shades of Silver1 Day$199
May 2017
8-12Designer Walls5 Days$1195

Best of Italy Artisan Adventure

Join Gary Lord, Melanie Royals & Alison Wooley for painting and sight seeing in Italy May 1-15, 2016. See this flyer for the complete schedule and reservation information.


Students watch demonstration (left); glass class for the Queen City Artisans.

Now Available Private and Semi Private classes with Gary Lord

If you have wanted to learn the newest finishes and the timing of the class was not good for you ask about our private classes. Or perhaps you feel uncomfortable in a large classroom setting, or like the benefits of a one on one instruction this type of class may be for you. Another benefit of a private class is that you get almost double the amount of samples made in one day with the private format over what you receive in a two day group format. So in a way this saves you time and money over a traditional class curriculum. You get to choose all of the subject matter you want to focus on for as many days as you would like. Semi private classes (up to 3 people) is $1,000 per day with an extra $150.00 material fee per day for each additional person. Single person private classes cost $1,000. per day.