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SetCoat® (AquaBond™) is a product that was designed specifically to work as a basecoat for all decorative finishing work with Aquacreme™ or AquaGlaze®. It is an excellent furniture refinishing product as well, as you do not have a strip off the old paint. The material has superb bonding and sealing qualities. SetCoat® material is available in off white, white (which can be tinted with FauxCreme®Color), black, 6 metallic colors and 13 custom colors. SetCoat® is the recommended sub-straight for producing classic decorative finishes. It allows for the slow drying of AquaCreme™, AquaGlaze® and other materials in the Aqua™ System.

gallon - Khaki$61.91
quart - Khaki$22.06
gallon - Black$51.77
quart - Black$18.87
gallon - Coral$56.60
quart - Coral$19.79
gallon - Neutral$49.23
quart - Neutral$17.63
gallon - Leather Red$59.13
quart - Leather Red$21.14
gallon - Woody Yellow$56.30
quart - Woody Yellow$19.79

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