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FauxCreme®Colors are acrylic artist's quality colors designed to be used with AquaCreme™ for maximum translucency. Use straight from the bottle or mixed with creme for all decorative painting, stenciling, murals, floorcloths, and other forms of artwork. AquaColor™ is a water base resin and non organic color grind specially formulated artist material. It is used as a color additive that is mixed into AquaGlaze® or AquaCreme™ to produce quality faux and decorative finishes. FauxCreme®Colors are available in pigment and metallic colors. This material is unlike standard paint color tints in its formulated make up. FauxCreme®Colors will dry to a hard, durable finish on their own unlike paint tints and will not bleed even in high concentrations.

standard colors8 oz$17.63
metallic colors8 oz$20.17
Iridescent Hi-Lite colors8 oz$23.94

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