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AquaCreme™ is a breakthrough in a clear creme glazing medium. AquaCreme™ offers truly unique features, allowing for not only longer working time, but offering better working characteristics as well. When normal glazes are half dry, you can pull and mar the finish. AquaCreme™ offers the ability to be worked all the way to an almost dry state, allowing for dry brushing and even the creation of positive and negative patterns with ease. AquaCreme™ is slow drying for easy workability. Layers can be added with no need to coat between them. AquaCreme™ performs best when used as a system over SetCoat® or SetCoat® Clear basecoats. Best of all, AquaCreme™ is low in VOCs and friendly to you and the environment. Aqua Creme™ stays put when applying (no dripping) and gives a professional translucent look for all your faux and decorative finish work.


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