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It's Faux Easy Part 2 - DVD

It's Faux Easy Part 2 offers you eight additional fabulous faux finishes not found anywhere else. Gary provides easy to follow instructions in a simple step-by-step format. Learn how to create your own award winning designs with this master at your side.

Through unique and creative combinations of materials and tools you will learn how to create a variety of contemporary and traditional effects. Learn how to use beautiful metallic foils as an embedded element, stamped on or with a halographic flourish. Try your hand at making distinctive handmade papers or learn the benefits of Modellos in your work.

Techniques in this DVD are: Matrix, Vitreous, stamped foil, Penny Lany, double foil knockdown, hologram foil, bamboo, and Eggplant Royale. Projects in videos differ from those in the books.


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