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PlasterTex™ is a specially formulated Venetian Plaster™ base coat, used as a base or finished coat when a sandy or more textured plaster coat is desired to achieve a plaster based decorative finish. PlasterTex™ allows the finishing artist to produce Olde World Venetian Plaster™ finishes with a particular quality in appearance that the work project demands. For a less sandy appearance, apply additional coats of Venetian Gem™ material on top of the PlasterTex™ until the exact grain and color is achieved. PlasterTex™ may be applied over most ordinary dry latex paints, but it is always suggested by Faux Effects, Inc. to check the bond in a small area before beginning or completing an entire work project with any paint or plaster material. This material may be color tinted with FauxCreme®Color. Faux Effects Olde World Lime Paint & Wash™ may be added to PlasterTex™ as a burnishing agent if this material is to be used as a finish coat. Do not exceed 25% Faux Effects Olde World Lime Paint & Wash™ in the mix.


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