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Floral Parchment

Great Paint Technique Series: step-by-step directions for a multi-color soft mottled finish. An inexpensive technique appropriate for dining rooms, studies and kitchens.

Text from cover:
Nothing can be better than finding a technique loaded with sophistication and charm that is also easy to do, which makes “Floral Parchment” so appealing. This treatment will teach you how to do a multi-colored, soft mottled finish in just a few simple, quick steps. This helps to keep the cost per room at the low end of decorative paint finishes. If you choose, you can add in the “floral” imprint or stencil of your choice, to take this finish to a more elegant level. This is a beautiful treatment in dining rooms, studies and kitchens, where it looks especially beautiful against cherry cabinets..

Materials needed for this finish:
Aquabond Woody Yellow
A Variety of Regular
Prime Etch
Custom Imprint


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