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The specialty paints being used are both fluorescent and invisible fluorescent paints. They both react to ultraviolet black light because of the phosphors in the paint and will glow brightly under ultraviolet light. Both types of paint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed to create an endless variety of techniques.

The fluorescent paints are viewable under any light source but will only fluoresce (glow brightly) under true ultraviolet black light, otherwise they will just look like normal paint colors. They come in three primary and six secondary colors of the paint spectrum for a total of nine colors. They are all inter-mixable and can create any color the eye can perceive, or you can use them just as they are in the container. These paints can be used as stencil paints, a mural paint or any decorative painting accent.

The invisible fluorescent paints come in red, yellow, blue, green and orange. These paints are invisible until viewed under ultraviolet black light. To paint these colors you must work in a room lit by ultraviolet light only. Using the invisible paints you can create many special effects, which are only viewable under ultraviolet light. As an example of the use of these paints the daytime sky murals appear to be just that until lit with the ultraviolet black light and then the sky mural disappears and is replaced by a planetary mural.

What makes these paints extra special is the use of our patented 3D Prismatic Painting Studio 3D glasses. When the above paints are viewed under ultraviolet black light wearing our 3D glasses all of the paints will float at different depths creating an unbelievable depth of vision. It will take your eyes 5 or so seconds to adjust to each image viewed to create the illusion. Then move your head and body position to distort the depth of field even more. It is amazing what happens.

These paints can be used in children's rooms, bowling alleys, night clubs, media rooms, restaurants, and anywhere else you can imagine.

The fluorescents paints can also be used in an educational way. One individual painted human figures in a family doctors office in the children's patient room. Then the figures were over painted with the invisible fluorescents to depict the inside of the human body, which was only viewable when the ultraviolet light was turned on. The doctor could then explain about the human anatomy and also talk about the various wave lengths of light and why the paints appear at different depths when viewed with the 3-d glasses. So he could teach physics to the older children and instruct the younger ones in a fun entertaining way about the human body.

Blacklight flashlight
This handheld blacklight flashlight will help view your fluorescent projects so you can get the effects you want.
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Blacklight fluorescent bulb
This compact fluorescent blacklight is rated at 13 watts, so it's sufficient to light up a whole room of your special effects.
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3-D glasses
If you layer your scenes using our fluorescent paints, these 3-D glasses will bring them to breath-taking life.
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