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In this highly competitive and changing world, the most important factors for success are creativity and productivity. Prismatic Painting Studio wants to help you be as creative as possible. That is why we emphasize a unique category of products known as metallic foils. The metallic foils we offer include a wide range of antique, multi-color and hologram designs. They have enhanced innumerable end products such as picture frames, columns, crown moldings, furniture, wall finishes, mural embellishments, etc.

We now have NEW Multi-colored FOIL COLORS to add to our foil line. We already offer a variety of foils in your favorite colors, and now we have some new colors we think you will love as well. Check out new multi-colored foils below, gold crackle, Florentine gold, gold striation, tarnished gold, raffia gold, spotted champagne and silver strie. See how our foils are being featured in some of GaryÕs favorite decorative treatments by visiting our NEW companion website It's Faux Easy.

Most of our metallic foils come in three sizes on rolls to meet your production needs: 1 foot by 100 feet, 2 feet by 100 feet and our largest size, 2 feet by 200 feet Ñ and the spotted champagne foil comes in 17Ó x either 100Õ or 200Õ. All of them at a vast savings over traditional leaf. You can install pieces as large as you want in one application, boosting your production over using traditional leafing products. If you have ever used loose leaf foils you know they create a large mess with their loose particles, are small and are hard to install one leaf at a time.

Our synthetic foil rolls are released from a polyester backing and shed almost no loose particles at all, no matter how roughly you handle the material. Like traditional leaf, our foils will only transfer where you apply the size, allowing you to cover areas as large as entire walls or as detailed as a name or an accent section of your project. We recommend you read our Foil Installation Worksheet before purchasing our foils so you can clearly understand the nature of the product.

We now sell the 1-ft. wide foil in any length you need at $1 per square foot for our standard colors. For our hologram and our multi-colored foils they cost $2 per foot. We also sell a COMBO SAMPLE PACK of all 29 foil for only $30.00. Please call 1-513-931-5520 to order your combo sample pack.

Antique Gold Foil
The antique gold foil is ideal for picture frames, trim pieces, molding, and furniture accents.
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Bright Gold Foil
The high shine and brilliant luster of this foil imitates closely the look of real gold.
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Pewter Foil
This is our largest selling foil because its universal appeal and its brushed pewter look.
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Bright Silver Foil
Add the richness of the look of real silver to any of your projects by using this foil.
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Copper Foil
Dave Schmidt's use of copper foil to create the look of copper sheeting was one of the hottest items at a recent IDAL convention.
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Bronze Foil
The splendid color of this bronze foil works well on urns, sculptures, vases, railings, light fixtures, and plaques among many other surfaces.
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Candy Apple Red Foil
This exciting jewel tone metallic foil represents the shift in colors in the design industry to bolder pastels.
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Raffia Gold Foil
NEW! This gold foil has a beautiful soft matt look to the overall patina of the foil.
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