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Technique Packets

Learn one spectacular decorative painting technique at a time with our It's Faux Easy line of individual technique packets. Each of these four-page, full color brochures covers everything necessary to complete the project, including all the tools and products you'll need, photos and explanations of each step, and Pro Tips to help you get the best results. The majority of products used in these finishes are specialty products, and are only available through a network of Aqua Finishing Solutions distributors nationwide. These products are NOT available in retail stores. Please visit Aqua Finishing Solutions for ordering information.

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Great Paint Technique Series: step-by-step instructions for a 3-dimensional finish without texture similar to actual abalone.
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Floral Parchment
Great Paint Technique Series: step-by-step directions for a multi-color soft mottled finish.
$4.95more info...