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Lightening Up Dark Paneling - Rough-sawn paneling

Great Paint Finishes for a Gorgeous Home - Chapter 4

Step one

Step 1
You can lighten up paneling that consists of boards of any color and size. When you decide it's time for a change, try this technique and the dramatic makeover it gives your room.

Make sure your rough-sawed paneling is dust free.

Step two

Step 2
Using your oil brush, first apply the stain into the grooves with 100% coverage. Even out the stain from the grooves for 100% coverage of two to four boards at once. Make sure to keep a clean outside working edge. Keep the stain as even in consistency as possible.

Step three

Step 3
Fold up a rag so that the part that will touch the boards is as smooth as possible. Evenly wipe off the face of your boards. The grooves may appear lighter than the face of the board at this time. The grooves are usually more porous than the face and will dry with more color. Cut back into your outside clean edge with your new wet edge and repeat steps #2 - #3 until you've done all of the boards.

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