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In addition to our classes, Prismatic Painting Studio is a broad resource for the decorative painter. We have instructional materials — books, videos, and our popular individual technique series It's Faux Easy — tools and materials. We're the exclusive U.S. supplier of an affordable line of foils. And when we need those hard-to-find paints and glazes, we go to our friends at The Faux Store. We recommend them for your projects too.

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Our projects often require products not found at any home center store. We've found the specialty paints, glazes, tints and tools offered by The Faux Store and Aqua Finishing Solutions to be the best available, and we use them on almost every project we do. If you don't find the item you're looking for in our supply store, we recommend you try shopping these trusted partners. We also ask that you bookmark the page once you arrive at The Faux Store.