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Bas Relief Wall Sculpture by Bonnie Norling Wakeman

4 Day Workshop | $1250
Cincinnati | Sept. 18-21, 2012 | 9am-6pm

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Bas-relief or low relief is a projecting image with a shallow overall depth. This art form dates back to the art of Ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures in Eastern, Asian and also Meso-America. In this class you will learn the art form of bas-relief and it's uses throughout history, where it has evolved to now and how it fits within the decorative painting industry today. The class will have ample amounts of demonstration and hands on experience including working on a full size tree on a wall as a group project. You will also make a shadowbox framed piece, 24x36, of the fox and trees pictured below that you will finish and take home to show, hang or sell. Additionally you will work on a small 12x12 sample board as a portfolio piece. On top of all of this you will be involved in the lectures and discussions on the business of marketing, pricing, and getting jobs in this aspect of decorative painting. At the end of the three days of the class you will be awarded a certificate of completion of Level 1 Bas Relief Wall Sculpture.

Bonnie Norling Wakeman is a fine artist, illustrator, muralist and sculptor. She and her husband Joe, (Joe's Fauxs), established Norling Wakeman Studios in the mid 90's, enhancing local homes and businesses. They have since expanded across the Rocky Mountain region and nationally as far as Florida and California.

Bonnie has not only become known for her beautiful mural painting & unique sculptural relief murals, she also receives commissions in oil, acrylic, and bas relief fine art.

Her desire to "pass it on" is her main motivation for producing her bas relief Instructional video and starting her workshops in 2011. "I want artists to know they can expand their creativity and businesses with this fun and rewarding art form!"

Bonnie also produced a cover plate painting video and has instructed Artists over the years, in Portraiture, Pastel Painting, and Mural Painting.

Several video shorts of her work can be seen on YouTube: and on their web site: She also featured here.

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